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Financed and owned by the Government of the Northwest Territories, the Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link will allow northern telecommunications providers to improve services for customers in surrounding communities. It also positions the NWT to capitalize on growing opportunities related to northern research and satellite tracking industries based in Inuvik. The Northern Lights General Partnership was selected to build and operate the MVFL on behalf of the Government of the Northwest Territories.
As the owner of the Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link, the Government of the Northwest Territories has made a long-term investment to improve telecommunications service and support economic development along the Mackenzie Valley. With the ability to handle greater volumes of high-speed data traffic with increased reliability, the link will provide better access to health, education and many government services in Mackenzie Valley communities. By bringing Internet service levels and costs closer to those in southern Canada, it will also expand the possibilities for skilled workers and businesses to succeed in the global economy -from a northern base.

Special pricing could even encourage the establishment of new, locally-owned Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Mackenzie Valley communities. No community will benefit more from the MVFL than Inuvik. The link positions the town to strengthen its position as a base for satellite ground stations and Arctic research organizations. The growing presence of high-value customers from around the world will increase opportunities for local businesses to provide supporting services and develop new expertise. Finally, qualified local contractors will have a chance to participate in contracts related to the long-term physical maintenance of the fibre-optic link.
  • To provide residents along the Mackenzie Valley with improved, high speed, telecommunications access to health, education and a wide range of government administered social and administrative services.
  • To provide residents and local businesses with lower cost, high speed, telecommunication services based, in part, on southern Canada telecommunications services and costs.
  • To provide a fibre optic telecommunications backbone infrastructure that supports economic development throughout the region, including high speed connections to the Inuvik satellite ground stations, the Aurora Research Institute (ARI), and the GNWT Northern Geomatics Centre.
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