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Satellite operators demand reliable access to quality image products from their missions to serve high-value customers. Using the Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link, Northern Lights GP can provide you with industry-leading transport solutions, along with seamless delivery for transporting the ​highest quality imagery products.
Carrier Ethernet Network
Global Government and commercial ground station operators need access to satellite imagery received in near-real time to support decision processes in mission-critical environments.
NLGP meets this need by providing data transportation services that enable data transport from all high-resolution and medium-resolution optical and radar satellites.
Our systems engineering team supports customers to maximize the value of on-orbit assets and the imagery products transported to end users.
For satellite operators, this means dedicated access to high-volume customers and for EO end users it means the fastest and most secure data transport for any application.
Through the MVFL, data is transported lightning-fast from Inuvik, NWT to High Level, AB. Customers have the freedom to use their carrier of choice from that point onward.