Northern Lights GP operates as a wholesale business focusing on large capacity interfaces. We offer scalable service and pricing for transport service at specific Points of Presence (PoPs) along our fibre route. Bandwidth options range from low to high Gbps configurations.

MVFL Transport Services serves three markets: Designated Community Service Providers, Commercial Service Providers and the Satellite Ground Station Service Providers within the Inuvik area.

Designated Community Service Providers are subject to pricing policy requirements. These providers satisfy the needs of local residents, businesses, governments and social/charitable organizations, while Commercial Service Providers serve all other customers and would not be subject to pricing policy requirements.

Each MVFL location serves as a Point of Presence (PoP), providing access to the MVFL system. At each POP site, MVFL customers have the option to connect to the MVFL network by either installing a drop cable from their equipment shelter into the MVFL PoP site or by contracting for services such as space and power to co-locate their equipment within the MVFL PoP site. The PoPs within the NWT communities and McGill Lake are linked into Northwestel’s central office facilities. The High Level, AB PoP is located in a Government of Northwest Territories owned shelter, while ISSF PoP lies within the Government of Canada facilities.

The Designated Community Product and Commercial Project groups offer these services through a flexible MVFL product catalogue. Service requests from 5 Mbps up to 500 Mbps are provided in 50 Mbps increments. Service requests, from 500 Mbps and up, are available in the tiers specified.

Co-location services at all PoP sites, excluding the ISSF are available for a monthly fee for customers wanting to co-locate their equipment within the MVFL PoP sites.  Customers may install their equipment into pre-provisioned equipment racks located inside locked co-location cages. The co-location cages have been pre-provisioned for power and MVFL network connection making connection to the MVFL network simple. For more information please contact Northern Lights GP.

Pricing will be made available from Northern Lights GP upon request. Pricing is considered confidential and will be released to prospective customers.