By connecting to the Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link through an internet service provider, residents and businesses will be linked to the rest of the world in new and exciting ways – from online learning and healthcare, to connecting with government and emergency services.

The MVFL can transform Mackenzie Valley communities by providing residents and businesses with the ability to connect to the internet at higher speeds than before – creating greater choice and faster access to services.

Education and lifelong learning can be extended, while healthcare can be digitized to improve quality of life for patients. More public services can be moved online – making it easier for citizens to interact with Government.

E-learning has started to radically shape the lives of post-secondary students as well as part-time learners worldwide. Given the option, students could attend some classes remotely, chat with their professors or catch up on missed lectures.

The MVFL benefits the local job force too, retraining workers who have been displaced from their jobs. Having more skilled workers is an essential part of rebuilding a struggling economy and it can be accomplished through E-learning over reliable, high-bandwidth connections. The MVFL can directly link the user to the rich-media E-learning experience.

Imagine being able to access a personal trainer online or having a medical consultation about your sick child from the comfort of your remote home. The MVFL can help reduce healthcare costs, improve patient outcomes with connection to appropriate medical professionals and critical digital information, and even make it easier for patients to access medical services and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.