With the support of the Government of the Northwest Territories, deliver reliable, low-cost, high-speed digital telecommunication services to Northern individuals, businesses, industries and governments on par with or exceeding those provided in southern Canada.

Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link - Northwest Territories - Mission
Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link - Northwest Territories - Vision


A high-speed, competitive and reliable digital telecommunications service — achieved through fibre optic infrastructure — that promotes and supports the present and future social and economic growth and prosperity of the Northwest Territories.


  • Customer satisfaction and confidence in MVFL as a reliable provider delivering a valuable service.
  • Timely communication with the public, individuals, businesses, industry and governments to maximize product awareness and customer feedback.
  • Innovation in exploiting new methods or advances in technology to continuously improve service options, speed, reliability and cost.
  • Partnerships built upon timely cooperation and a shared desire to provide the best possible service to our customers.
  • Accountability to our customers and partners to provide service on time and on budget.
Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link - Northwest Territories - Values