With open access points in every community along the Mackenzie Valley, the Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link provides high-speed connectivity for local-area NWT residents. For entrepreneurs living in these areas, Northern Lights GP is pleased to offer exciting new opportunities to become an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and serve your community’s internet needs.

Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link NWT - ISP Diagram
How does it work?

Local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) purchase bandwidth from Northern Lights GP and then may resell a range of service options to individuals and businesses in the communities.

How do I become an Internet Service Provider?

If you would like to be an Internet Service Provider powered by the MVFL, please click here for contact details.

What does open access mean?

Open access to the Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link means local internet service providers are charged fair and reasonable prices for access, and on transparent, non-discriminatory terms. By connecting to one of the MVFL POPs, customers can be instantly transported to their choice of southern service providers. This process creates an open market and platform for local ISPs to deliver affordable service to their customers. As the open access network provider, Northern Lights GP remains neutral and independent. Our goal is to strengthen the local economy through greater competition and access to the MVFL.

Supporting Northwest Territories Internet Service Providers